Sweet Grissini Sticks with Rose Hip Mousse and Chocolate Cream

Ingredients for 16 sticks (4-6- people)Preparation time about 30 minutes (not including dough rising and baking time)
Grissini Sticks:
40 g butter
15 g fresh yeast
50 g chestnut flour
70 g flour (type 405)
130 g spelt-whole wheat flour
30 g grounded almonds
30 g agave syrup

Chocolate Cream
50 g peeled and pre-cooked chestnuts
100 ml almond milk
70 g bitter sweet chocolate coating
A pinch of ground cardamom
A pinch of ground star anise
For the Grissini sticks, melt butter. crumble the yeast. Using the dough hook of a hand mixer, mix chestnut flour, flour, spelt flour,100 ml lukewarm water, almonds, 2/3 of the butter, agave syrup and yeast into a smooth dough. Cover with a cloth and let sit in a warm place for app. 30 minsutes.
Place dough onto a floured surface, divide into 16 pieces and roll into long sticks.
Using a knife, cut slits into the sticks and then brush with the remaining butter.
Bake for 15 minutes in preheated oven at 180 degrees (Gas stove level 3). Eat with rose hip mousse (health food shop) and chocolate creme.
Chocolate Cream: Coarsely chop chestnuts. Heat milk, then add chocolate and chestnuts. Season with cardamom and star anise. Purée mixture into a cream using a hand blender.